7 Tips to get the most from your insurance company after a car accident

Getting into a car accident is always unexpected and very stressful. Apart from having to take care of your injuries, you have to deal with the insurance companies. Unfortunately, car insurance companies are not on your side. Their plan is to process your claim and give you as little as they can to cover damages and injuries.

Did you know that most people are fine with that? They take the terrible offer they offer, not knowing they could have called an accident attorney to help them get what is really necessary to cover all expenses.

7 Tips to get the most from your insurance company after a car accident

Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when dealing with insurance companies AFTER an accident:

  1. Don’t give a recorded statement to your insurance company, even if they say its “regular procedure”. They will use that to minimize the amount you get in the settlement.
  2. Don’t give your statement to your insurance company WITHOUT your accident attorney present.
  3. Don’t give a recorded statement to the insurance company of the other person. You are not required to do so. They will trick you by stating that they just need some information and WILL record the conversation. Their goal is to reduce the value of your claim.
  4. Do not have your medical bills be covered by your personal insurance. Insist that your medical bills are sent to the insurance company. Why? Many doctors don’t want to bill your insurance company because they would get paid less. If you use your private insurance to pay for medical bills while you wait for your case to settle LESS money will end up in your pocket.
  5. Don’t be quick to settle for the first offer. You have 1 – 2 years. The problem with settling too quickly is that sometimes people think they weren’t that injured, and later find out that the injury has affected them months later but have no money to cover those new medical bills.
  6. Have your attorney talk to the adjuster. Attorneys who are experienced know exactly what medical records, bills, and loss wage reports, etc. to show that will help increase your settlement.
  7. If your car is pretty old, and when it comes to repairing it, sometimes insurance companies claim that is it more valuable. Car insurance companies might try to charge you for the excess value or reduce their payment to you. To counter this “betterment” charge, you will need to prove that the parts did not increase the value of the car. Testimony from your mechanic or an expert would help you.

Car insurance companies will almost never give you fair compensation; we’re here to make sure that you are compensated fairly on all matters.

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